Adam Corolla, One of the Originals interviews Anna Faris

maxresdefault Episode: Anna Faris

Category: Comedy

Podcast Rating:Great 2


Remember 2009, ah good times, the economic recovery was in full effect unless you were in the middle class and downward, Wolverine Origins massacred the character of Deadpool and the Middle East was a quagmire.  A little known audio digital format was still in it’s infancy which became known as podcasting.   A form was developed where a comedian interviewed their friends in a fun and conversational manner. Some of the comedians had radio experience, Marc Maron, Chris Hardwick and a manly man who went by Adam Corolla.  He was the first to make this format possible and popular with comedy nerds.

Some of us in the forty year range remember a little program called the Man Show.  It was irreverent, funny and a little behind the times socially.  After that program Adam bounced around the radio world until he found the digital medium and the freedom it allowed.  This episode Adam and co-hosts Bald Bryan and Gina Grad interview the delightful Anna Faris.  They talk about her superstar husband,  10 Cloverfield lane, and hey take some fan calls.

As stated on my other reviews of comedian podcasts, these guys are pretty polished at the top level.  The interviews are funny, interesting and each one brings a different flavor to their podcast.  Adam is his usual irreverent self and has a funny confrontational style that is not offensive to his guests.  This style brings out some interesting conversations with the people he interview and that makes it different enough from the other podcasts.  This long podcast (1hr 45min) is good for a long drive or if you really want to know more about a particular guest.

Dylan F

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