New Media talks Old Media, Guardian Books Podcast

download Episode: Writing about art, music and loneliness

Category: Arts

Podcast Rating: Great


There is a hint of something ancient, something long forgotten, a memory of stories, told not by mouths but by eyes flicking back and forth, left to right.  I sit in a meditative pose, the lotus position I believe trying to remember.  I open my eyes and turn on my ipad, my samsung galaxy and itunes on my pc.  These technological tools will help me and podcasts will tune me in.  I open the search bar and type in the words and then the podcast list comes up and then in a flash I remember what I was searching for, not digital but physical and solid and heavy, books.  Books, the old media of my childhood, my escape from a life of abuse and neglect.

The Guardian Books Podcast is literally named.  A podcast about the time in between classical and modern times.  Where the only way to send a story to another place was to write it down.  The theme of this episode is art and music in books.  Hosted by the editor of Guardian books website Claire Armitstead.  She brings us author interviews, author readings and discussions in their monthly book club.  This episode the author Olivia Lang does a reading from her novel and discusses the loneliness of Edward Hopper and Andy Warhol.  This topic is followed up on the merits on why music needs a book prize.

This is an interesting podcasts on books.  There is a little bit of everything, readings, analyzing authors and their books and general conversation of the world of books.  There is also a British cultural take on everything which is different enough from an American take to give fresh insight.  This would be a podcast I would listen too if literature was my thing.  I liked this podcast and I learned a little bit which is always a plus.

Dylan F

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