David Ridgen feels Someone Knows Something

someone-knows-something-invu-ridgen-030216__192362 Episode: 1 The Family

Category: News and Politics

Podcast Rating:  Great


Mysteries are at their most frightening when they are real and one can relate to the circumstances.  For example if one is a parent and the wonder if your child goes missing and never found.  This fear kept me up and when my son would take too long to come home, many horrible thoughts crossed my imagination.  Over the centuries fear of faeries, trolls or Rocs stealing our children have evolved into modern day monsters that are all too human.

Someone knows something podcast reaches back forty-four years when five year old Andrew McNaughton disappeared while on a family fishing trip in Eastern Ontario. The small town of  Arnprior, Ontario has had a ashen pall hang over it ever since.  David Ridgen, the host goes to Arnprior to investigate and uses his skills as a filmmaker and solver of cold cases to find answers.  In this first episode David introduces us to the McNaughton family and the particulars of the case.  The case is personal to David as he is from the area and remembers the whispers and gossip as a child.

The podcast is cast from the same mold as Serial however is does not make it any less compelling.  As with all radio/podcasts it is well produced and presented from a journalistic point of view that is professional.  I prefer fictional stories to real life myself but that probably as I have experienced what real tragedy is and would rather watch a movie than a cold case documentary.  This is a good podcast investigation  and would interest those who like Serial and similar endeavors.

Dylan F




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