Revisiting a great podcast, Death Sex and Money

DSM_square Episode: After my brother Avonte disappeared

Category: Society and Culture

Podcast Rating: Great 2

As stated in my previous article on Death, Sex and Money,  this is a good podcast.  The podcast is brought to you in short chapters like a delicious slice of cake.  The portion is small but it is so rich and filling you don’t need any more.

I like to check on podcasts that have made an impact in my life outside of appreciating the medium.  These podcasts have struck me in a way that have caused fundamental changes on how I look at life,  on how I look at myself.  My divorce has destroyed my old self and I have to build myself back up again piece by piece.  I want to put the pieces back together in a new way because I don’t want to ever go through that emotional destruction ever again.  I do this with the harsh glare of a mirror that reflects my understanding that I am responsible in a large part for that destruction.

This podcast is involved in this slow building process.  Each of these stories as emotional and tragic as they are, helps me bit by bit.  This isn’t the only positive part of my rebuilding but it is an important one.  This particular episode deals with the death of a loved brother and the choices the subject had make in order to heal.  The choices he made were based on the deficits he saw in our social system that led to the possible reasons his brother died. Death Sex and Money gives you just what you need to hear, no more, no less.

Dylan F

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