Looking at a blogger turned podcast phenom, Ezra Klein

cover170x170 Episode: Michael Needham on the  Republican Party’s crack-up

Category: News and Politics

Podcast Rating: Great

Blogging was the first truly people’s democratic expression of the internet. For the first time one person could express themselves solely on their own with millions of views. People could share ideas and for the most part this has helped the common good.  My first experience with blogging was with cooking tips and recipes and I still check them out to this day.  In this write-up I wanted to pay tribute to a successful blogger turned podcaster and show the relationship between the two.

Ezra Klein was a journalist with the Washington Post hired to take advantage of his blogging skills.  He was the most popular blogger on the site and resigned to start his own website that focused on explaining the underlying stories behind the news.  I had never read VOX till I researched bloggers but since deciding on Ezra as a podcast subject, I have found it pretty useful.  I like the The Atlantic magazine for the same reasons.  Ezera is know as a Liberal blogger so I chose his interview with Michael Needham, conservative CEO of Heritage Action for balance.  I try not to favor political sides one way or the other, but I am sure astute readers could easily figure out my leanings.

One of the big reasons I like podcasting as a medium besides being a verbal learner, is it is known as long form.  The episodes, entertainment or informational tend to be 30min/1hr opposed to Youtube which tends to come across in 2/5 min. increments.  I feel the stories, education and interviews are more personal much like blogging.  With most podcasts you are connected to the presenter’s life in an intimate way similar to personal blogs.  Ezra uses his podcast to discuss policy which is passion.  This was a good interview and Ezera displays his wonkiness well.  Definitely a good podcast for policy wonks and political junkies.

Dylan F



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