Radiolab takes on a heartbreaking/warming journey

Radiolab Episode: 23 Weeks 6 Days

Category: Natural Sciences

Podcast Rating: Great 2


Radiolab is my kinda of podcast.  Humanistic stories behind the big questions.  It is fun to debate, argue put forth a hypotheses on human behavior.  Politicians and bureaucrats take this information and make policy.  However, after the big speeches and proclamations of doom or glory, there are human beings at the center.  Radiolab explores the reality of ideas, policy and debates.

Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich explore these stories with a philosophical approach, connecting with their subjects on provocative level in order to tell the story.  The topics chosen are often difficult and controversial but tackled without prejudice and with a sense a humour.  This episode is about a husband and wife difficult decisions regarding and extremely premature birth.  Jad and Robert have a long and introspective interview with these parents step by step on the process of making hard choices.

Radiolab can be an intense podcast.  They explore difficult issues and bounce ideas and concepts around the story.  The stories are good on their own but the ramifications of the tale carry consequences for the subjects.  This is a good podcast for just listening and learning.  Sit on a couch or bed, make some tea and enjoy.

Dylan F

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