Grey Knight Erotica, what do I think?

download Episode: 17 The Sick Show

Category: Literature

Podcast Rating: Unrateble by me


As I was scrolling through the Stitcher List of top 100 podcasts for the week, I noticed a lot changes.  I also observed these changes in the itunes top podcasts category.  It seems algorithms have changed on rankings and something is amiss.  I mean has been number one for the last three out of four weeks.  However I digress to a rant that I shall save for another day.  As I was scrolling I came across this podcast and had a wtf moment.  I mean this podcast is number 33 on the list, which entails millions of listeners.  In Socratic fashion I had to ask why and proceeded to listen.  If the list is true then I have my answer.

The Grey Knight is an erotic fantasy podcast.  There is a deep voiced first person narrator telling us, the listener, what he is going to do to us.  He has various role play aspects which seem to fall into the dominance category from BDSM to Daddy and everything in between.  I tried to research the producer and narrator but came up empty handed and if they want to keep some distance between themselves and their audience, I respect that.  I have an open mind and listened to two hours of a man tell me all the naughty things he was going to do to me, which I found thoroughly unarousing.  Then again I am not the audience for this podcast.

Honestly I have no problem with this podcast.  There is no illusion on what this podcast is about and is clearly role play which as a listener you can just turn off if Grey Knight is not for you.  I also learned that being the object of someone’s dominance kink is not my thing.  I am very surprised at the high ranking it’s getting and it’s making me think I should change the format of this site, just kidding there is no money in porn on the net anymore.  If your a woman and  you loved 50 Shades of Grey then this podcast is definitely for you, otherwise give it amiss and look out for other erotic podcasts because if Grey Knight is the new Serial there will be many copycats.

Dylan F


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