Alice isn’t Dead Ch.2

download Episode: Part 1, Chapter 2: Alice

Category: Performing Arts

Podcast Rating: Great


Alice isn’t Dead is a story telling podcast that revolves around one woman’s hunt for her lost lover.  The narrator tells her story through a one act play.  Time shifts and her anxiety ridden narrative heighten the tenseness of her journey through parts unknown.  A truck driver by her obsessive quest, her drive matches her crusade to explore the expanse.

The second installment of Alice isn’t Dead brings the narrator farther down the road she has chosen to travel, encountering the same small town over again or maybe towns so similar she can’t tell them apart.  A recent drive to my hometown, a six hour drive and 24 hour ferry ride I felt the same apprehension.  All the towns of my childhood are amalgamating into a cookie cutter strip mall version of each other.  She sees fire everywhere, the town, the people and drives away, more real life metaphors. My hometown and the towns along the road as much as they try to emulate heach other are also dying a painful death. Time jumps and memories are revealed as the narrator investigates and embedded herself into Alice’s life.

It’s good to see Alice isn’t Dead has not lost a beat.  The pressure to match Welcome to Nightvale must be enormous.  I am enjoying this podcast, and having memories of a time when I had to wait an actual week to enjoy a tv show.  I like binge watching and don’t want to turn back dial to the 90’s, but there is an anticipation that has it’s own reward.

Dylan F

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