The Best Interview with Gary Shandling

weird Episode: Gary Shandling Re-release

Category: Comedy

Podcast Rating: Great 2

You Made it Weird is a podcast interview show with comedian Pete Holmes.  I haven’t reviewed this podcast yet but I have heard it numerous times and is on my iTunes playlist.  This event unfortunately is the best time to do it.  Pete doesn’t hit the emotional background of Marc Maron but is very interested in the metaphysical thoughts and feelings of his guests and can get very spiritual and philosophical.

I have watched Gary Shandling every since I was a child sneaking up to watch the Tonight show with Johnny Carson.  I was a big fan of The Larry Saunders show as it was the first behind the scenes one camera setup that led to other great comedies like 30 Rock.  I don’t have to write heaps of praise as his body of work speaks for itself.  I have heard a few interviews with Gary Shandling when he would go on podcasts but this one with Pete Holmes is the most enlightening.

This is a long podcast at 2 1/2 hours and really gets to the heart of Gary Shandling’s motivations in life and especially comedy.  Pete lets Gary speak at length without interruption and the discussion meanders in a thoughtful and interesting way.  If your interested in the journey of life or a great comedian then listen to this podcast.  Rest in Peace, Gary.

Dylan F



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  1. With all respect to the dead and the legacy Garry Shandling built for himself, he was an egotistical asshole.


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