Modern Love: Broken not Bound

modernlove Episode:  Broken not Bound by an Intimate Tie

Category : Society and Culture

Podcast Rating:Great


Another podcast I like to revisit as it so well produced and presented.  I also like the modernity of this podcast.  I suppose we all attach ourselves to the situation we find ourselves in.  In the near future I hope to start dating again.  As it’s been 22 yrs since the last time I tried this, I have come to understand the dating world is a very different place.  This is where Modern Love comes in.  It’s good to know there is no preset way to find, fall and leave this thing we call love.

America Ferrera (Ugly Betty, The Good Wife)  reads an essay by an African aid worker, Mara Gordon. She tells the tale of a man trying to sweep her off her feet on an adventure only to realize it was not to be during an terrible bus accident.  She is more interested in the emotional toll of the accident then any connection to her beau.  The accident becomes obsessive to her thoughts and the frustration that it’s tied up to this man she doesn’t want to be with.

This is a very good podcast.  An excellent essay in podcast form and the story of a woman dealing with survivors guilt.  There is also a larger story of expat’s experience in foreign countries coincidentally I just watched the film Whiskey Tango Foxtrot which deals with the same subject matter.

Dylan F

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