Stuff To Blow Your Mind, okay let’s try it

og_image    Episode: Wicked Problems

Category: Natural Sciences

Podcast Rating: Great



Brought to you by the wildly popular Stuff You Should Know, Stuff to Blow Your Mind is one of their bevy of podcasts.  I know what your thinking, this podcast isn’t different enough to warrant a review.  I am afraid that’s wrong, all podcasts should be given a chance to be heard, judged and then eviscerated by the whirling knives of the internet. No, I don’t believe these words I just wrote but unfortunately that is the reality for anything published and put out there in cyberspace.  So here we go.

The episode “Wicked Problems” is an apt and a ironically named look at a serious issues. The term wicked problem is an actual term to describe problems due to complexity, changing circumstances, or difficulty to recognize it is in fact a problem. One good example would be poverty.  If you ever have the time to read classical history, you would not be surprised to learn of leaders complaining about poverty and trying any solution. They also look at the failure on the war on drugs which is a more recent example.  Hosts Robert Lamb, Joe McCormick, and Christian Sager give a more robust explanation and some historical context to the unsolvable.  The name has nothing to do with Boston however.

For me this is a very interesting podcast.  The topics are challenging and there is a scientific approach to each aspect.  I can see how this podcast is niche for peasant scientists like myself of whom big questions are fascinating. As well,  I always appreciate any endeavor to educate and take delight in learning.  This is no Bitch Sesh however, so mass appeal is lacking.  Too bad, it’s great and I like it.  Good podcast to keep your mind sharp.

Dylan F




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