The Mind Palace: a podcast that procrastinates

cover170x170 Episode: Procrastination

Category: Personal Journals

Podcast Rating: Great



I was interested this podcast as it was recommended by the The Minimalistsa podcast dedicated to Minimalism.  This is a subject I find fascinating and reaction to our over stimulated, over consumerism age.  The subject matters of this podcast, procrastination, mindfulness, boredom etc are all subjects that I encounter and sometimes agonize over everyday.

Melissa Cain and Jessica Lynn Williams are young women who are starting their journey of life.  They are taking on the philosophy of minimalism and are challenging their choices.  Their youth really comes through on their podcast, this not a criticism but an observation on someone who is in a distinct place on the course of life.  This episode is a conversation between two women who live in different countries (United Stated, England) discussing how procrastination effects their lives.  As a listener it feels like your silently hanging out in their bedroom as their quiet friend. The woman tackle the theme of procrastination as not necessarily a hindrance but the many ways procrastination can highlight other issues.  They weave the idea of procrastination as part of minimalism and give the idea that procrastination has more to do with feelings than personal mental constraints.

The podcast is well produced, especially as the two women are continents apart and they relate to each other very well.  As a philosophical treatise on procrastination this podcast fails.  The podcast really is an audio blog and not an exploration of the mental concept of procrastination.  As a down to earth human conversation on the subject it succeeds. There is a real feminine bend to the concept of procrastination that I found hard to resonate with, but that’s my issue not theirs.  The casualness of their banter is very comfortable and if you have any anxiety regarding the idea of procrastination then this podcast is for you.

Dylan F

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