Criminal Podcast Examine’s the Judge’s Choice

criminal podcast Episode: 39 Either/Or (3.18.2016)

Category: Personal Journal

Podcast Rating: Great



Criminal is a podcast about the people involved in crime, usually a particular crime. They include the accused, police, lawyers, witnesses and judges involved.  In my last visit with Criminal, the podcast had a light easy tone and personal touch.  I like the podcast and connected with the people in the story.  I decided to listen to some more and realized that Criminal can turn dark, real dark.

This episode caught my attention as the episode focuses on a horrendous crime and how the judge weighs the guilty pleas.  Phoebe Judge the host talks to the investigators, their lawyer and judges in the case.  The case was clearly a guilty case and the importance lays in the judge’s sentence.  When the sentencing judge made his verdict, that is when the case takes a decidedly strange turn. Every person involved in the trial felt that judge Pyle was a fair and thoughtful judge.  It is important  to remember this is 1985 and the system had hopefully moved away from these type of judgement.

A short but well made podcast.  Phoebe Judge has an ability to connect to her subjects and they give a honest interview to her.  Each episode in Criminal is tasteful without the drama and emotional triggers involved with other media focused on this subject.  I appreciate the different focus on crime that Phoebe takes.  This is a good podcast for reflection on life.

Dylan F








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