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bitch sesh Episode: Dubai/Start spreading the news

Category: Comedy

Podcast Rating: Great



Here we are again with the love/mockery podcast that is Bitch Sesh. This is a very popular podcast on this site, so I feel obligated to continue to write about it.  I will admit that I love the meta aspect of this podcast.  The hosts, guests and producers also produce Hotwives of Orlando.

This episode host, Danielle Schneider and guest host actress Leslie Grossman (Popular) take on latest Real Housewives broadcast Dubai.  The conversation this episode revolves around the ATV accident, blowjob instructions by Sonia and the new haircuts. Kyla has a panic attack in Dubai, Danielle trying to understand Eileen’s sweaty feet and Matt Besser (The Dewy Cox Story) chimes in with his hate on for the show, with his amusing anecdotes.  He does watch the show so is it really hate?  I did have a hard time keeping up with the speed of the discussion as they talked fast and hard about the show. Apparently so did Matt Besser and I didn’t feel too bad about it.  

This show still amazes and astounds me and I will continue to listen to understand a culture that is beyond my understanding.  The show is well done and by professional comedians so it’s amusing to it’s core and by people who truly love The Real Housewives.  A great show for those people who love reality TV shows.

Dylan F




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