Somebody Knows Something 6

someone-knows-something-invu-ridgen-030216__192362 Episode: 6 The Scent

Category: News and Politics

Podcast Rating: Great


Following up on the CBC podcast Someone Knows Something is to proceed down the path of personal tragedy.  The podcast does a good job of making you feel with the narrator as he tries to undue the mystery of the disappearance of Adrien McNaughton.  This has the same emotional draw as TV crime dramas but more visceral.  This is a credit to the producers of the podcast but is there a cost to us the listener?

This episode David Ridgen goes with a team of cadaver dogs to scour the area that Adrien is thought to have disappeared.  The podcast is a real time search and you feel the dogs as they smell, and bark their discoveries. We have hope as we find out that cadaver dogs can sniff out the aromatic molecules from a body 30 years after it’s decomposed. As three teams of dogs search, they make an discovery on the lake.

A podcast that takes you on a journey, a story, an emotional ride is the right expression of this media.  SKS is a very good podcast that I find difficult to follow as it is too real.  Every time David talks to the family I get taken out of the mystery and the impact of Adrien’s disappearance becomes reality.  There is a reason why silly crime drama’s like CSI are popular, we can walk away when the show is over.

Dylan F




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