Ideas explores how Abuse Changes our Biology as Adults

artworks-000025850384-4zs9d9-t500x500 Episode: All in the Family part 1

Category: Society and Culture

Podcast Rating: Great 2


As a counselor I always try to simplify things into easy to chew bites but allow for the nuances to give a million flavors to those bites.  I have felt most mental health issues are the result of two events. Unlucky genetics or trauma usually in childhood.  The complexity rises from the timing and type of trauma which in most cases comes from type of abuse.  This episode of Ideas puts that theory into practice however as opposed to mental health, this discovery looks at how abuse can lead to obesity, heart disease, diabetes and a host of other modern afflictions.

Ideas producer Mary O’Connell looks at the ACE study. Vincent Felitti teamed up with researchers at Kaiser Permanente, a private insurer in the United States.  Preventive care workers filled out a trauma questionnaire covering  differing types of abuse.  They looked at various health problems of the workers and correlated the results which were enlightening..
The more abuse that the workers experienced, the higher their chances of illnesses.  Women who experienced physical violence were 60% more likely to experience depression, compared to 18% for women who reported no abuse for example.

This is a very good podcast that hit all my notes of interest and I believe the subject matter will have implications in health for many people who are suffering.

Dylan F

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