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how-to-be-amazing-revised Episode: 28 Jim Gaffigan

Category: Performing Arts

Podcast Rating: Great 2


Michael Ian Black is a well known comedic actor most famous for probably being part of the sketch troupe The State.  He is the kind of actor you have seen a hundred times but probably can never name. When I saw he had a podcast where he interviews other celebrities, I took him for just another Nerdist, Anna Farris is Unqualified, WTF with Marc Maron, Joe Rogan Experience ect, ect, ect.  The best part is all these comedian led podcasts are pretty good.  Michael Ian Black has a different take on the interview, think comedy meets Ira Glass and now you have an indication of How to be Amazing.

This episode is a candid interview with very popular Jim Gaffigan known for his family comedy style yet still well respected by his peers.  Jim talks about his beginnings and what compelled him to do stand up even with years of lack of success.  This is what Michael Ian Black is driving towards into his interviews.  He is trying to find the magic will that allows the people he interviews to continue and succeed in their careers.  He has comedians, actors and quite a few writers that he has interviewed which makes his podcast stand out.

I really like this podcast.  This is one of the few podcasts that has no set length of time and goes as long as the conversation takes naturally.  That can be twenty minutes to an hour and half.  There is a lot of philosophical musings peppered with amusing anecdotes that relate.  Michael lets his guest talk until they are finished and for him that works.  A good podcast for sitting in bed and getting ready to sleep.

Dylan F

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