Freakonomics Wonders if a National Guaranteed Income could work?

freakonomics Episode: Is the world ready for guaranteed  income?

Category: Society and Culture?

Podcast Rating: Great

Freakonomics came onto the scene with a famous book in 2005 that took on the field of economics. They turned the boring economic theories and aimed them at drug dealing, prostitution, abortion and other hot topics to see what the data revealed.  The books, radio show, lectures, and controversies led into the Freakonomics consulting group.  After all this, their podcast still lives on and continues to ask the important questions.

Steve Levitt and Stephen J Dubner have examined the standard economic theories, daily news and trends that revolve around our personal finances and overall economy.  This entails mostly looking at the American economy but sometimes other countries experiments such as in the this episode, Canada.  There is a lot of discussion about giving each citizen a yearly income as the dawn of twenty-first technology seems to be eliminating jobs faster than we can replace them.  Silicon Valley has been hell bent on disrupting each type of work that is out there, eg. how many jobs will self driving cars and truck eliminate.  The hosts look at the costs, benefits, theories, and social ramifications of this revitalized idea.

As I said before, a solid and educational podcast.  It is specific to finances but they look at the weird and wonderful side of this sometimes boring topic. Good podcast for learning a new subject or if your taking courses, also for interesting lunch conversations.

Dylan F

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