Marc Maron interviews Susan Sarandon

WTFEpisode: Susan Sarandon

Category: Comedy

Podcast Rating: Great


After Marc Maron interviewed President Obama, his podcast was taken from a secluded part of the internet only followed by comedy nerds to the mainstream.  You might be wondering if this would change his outlook or demeanor.  For better or for worse, it did not.

For his guest Susan Sarandon, he was slightly, ever so slightly a fanboy.  With a career span over forty years, there is so much that one could discuss and only capture a fraction of the acting wisdom imparted.  Marc does what he usually does and walks with his guests history of childhood in his quest to uncover the neurosis that moves his guest.  Susan Sarandon is too cool and experienced however, to let Marc direct her and goes on tangents that lets her define her past. This isn’t too say she is not revealing about her life but just that Susan Sarandon lets one in to her inner self on her own terms.

Marc Maron always gives a personal rundown of the interview in the beginning of his podcast, some might find it tedious but I find it very interesting to see how the interview has affected Marc and his feelings on his interaction.  WTF is for Marc a healing experience on top of celebrity interviews for us.  A good podcast especially if your interested in the person he is interviewing.

Dylan F


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