Louis CK explains his creative process on Maron

WTF Episode: 700 Part 2

Category: Comedy

Podcast Rating: Great 2

I try not to follow up episodes of a particular podcast one after the other as I want to find a balance between great episodes and exposing new podcasters.  Sometimes events necessitate change and this is one of the times.  Marc Maron has just finished 3 great interviews.  Susan Sarandon, Julia Louis Dreyfus and Louis CK.  Each of these episodes has lent us a connection to these heavily influential people in television and film of this generation.  The talent of these individuals is undeniable but the longevity is astounding.  Marc is becoming not just a good interviewer but the premier interviewer in the world of podcasting.

Louis Ck and Marc Maron have a long history in the comedy world and they both have a simmering anger at the world, upbringing for Maron, social justice for Louis Ck.  This makes their comedy personal and intimate, and these soulmates of comedy come through.  This episode is about Louis Ck planning and being the writer, producer, casting agent, actor and well everything about his show Horace and Pete.  Everything about the process of this show is revealed and those who are die hard tv fans will have a lot to obsess over.

In this episode of WFT, you have two raw comedians discussing an art project.  Marc opens the window in Louis Ck’s world of creation.  Here we have an open process for any who want to be a director and writer. Marc lets Louis talk with no need to direct the conversation because their rapport is evident.  A bond of survival forged in the dank clubs of the 80’s and 90’s that only their kind understand.

Dylan F


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