Having to Tell Your Girlfriend Your Gay on Guys We F****d

guyswefucked Episode: How do you tell you girlfriend you fell in  love with a dude?

Category: Comedy

Podcast Rating: Great

When you have a great title as a podcast you are going to get a lot of views.  After that interest you have to back it up.  Everything in the title tells you what you need to listen to Guys We F****d.  The show is gritty, fun, very honest, dirty and from a comedians point of view. This means it’s not a show with professional sex therapists so the advice has to be taken as just that, friendly advice.  That doesn’t mean the podcast isn’t done well or interesting, just the opposite in fact.

Corrine Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson are two New York comedians who talk about really everything in their sex lives, people who email them sex lives and their guests, yes, sex lives.  The brutal honesty can sometimes be challenging but their authenticity and their goal of eliminating slut shaming carries the podcast.  This episode Corrine and Krystyna discuss some tough emails, and learning your gay while your in a relationship with a girlfriend.  Their guest Josh Zepps is an Australian TV host and personality.  He discusses being gay down under and gay labels that have to change.

I find this podcast very educational but not about sex.  I was lucky enough to have a hippie for a mother and we were a open minded family when it came to being gay, trans, or bi.  What I learn from this podcast is the details of women’s sex lives that they never tell men. It is entertaining, fun and educational in a sociological way that is appealing to me.  A good podcast but definitely NSFW.

Dylan F



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