The Tim Ferris Show-The Habits of a Master

48065 Episode: The Habits of a Master,

Category: Investing (?)

Podcast Rating: okay

Tim Ferriss is one of many self improvement guru’s in the podcast world.  He studies various subjects eg: weight loss and try’s to find the quickest most efficient scientific evidence based way to accomplish whatever goal he happens to take.  He has had a couple of best selling books (The four hour work week) and has taken his quest to the podcast world.

Tim interviews people he admires in various fields from sports to writing.  This time he interviews Paulo Coelho, a Brazilian lyricist and novelist.  He wrote his first book, The Alchemist which has gone to sell over 200 million copies.  Tim writes Paulo questions to answer, on his writing process and creativity.  He is keenly interested in how Paulo is so consistent in his ability to write a book on average every two years. Paulo answers as a great writer would and is esoteric and philosophical on the writing process.  One of the best answers is to the question? “What is the most common mistakes a first time writer makes?”.

I like Tim Ferris’s approach to finding the answers to his questions. He seeks out uncommon artists, scientists, authors and athletes to explain their process.  This episode didn’t have the back and forth that is important to interviews and that diminished it however my main criticism and this is personal, is the self promotion that accompanies his podcast.  This is a weakness to all self help guru’s and I can’t fault a person for need to make money but it’s not my life philosophy and always puts a little tarnish on the authenticity of the help being provided.  A good podcast if your looking to cut as many corners as possible and still get results.

Dylan F




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