Somebody Knows Something 9

someone-knows-something-invu-ridgen-030216__192362 Episode: 9 What we know

Category: News and Politics

Podcast Rating: okay

Episode 9 of the popular Canadian true crime series Somebody knows Something taps into our need to know.  It’s no fluke that Serial, Criminal, Case File and Somebody Knows Something are Itunes hits. Ever since newspapers became available for the masses in the late 1800’s stories of true crime have captivated people.  Podcasts are an excellent vehicle for this genre as they can do a long form approach and devote hours to the details of the crime unlike 60 minutes which might devote 20 minutes or maybe an hour.

This is a review episode.  David Ridgen examines the interviews with the individuals who knew Adrien and those who sought out his disappearance.  Each voice is laid out and their view of the events are strung together to create the scene of Adrien’s passing.  Of note is the psychic’s reading of Adrien being taken by a stranger which is by most the only explanation that makes sense.

This short podcast captures the hunt for he truth in an emotional connecting way.  I am reminded of the feeling of growing up in a small town in Haida Gawaii and the wilds growing up and the time I got lost in the back roads.  I can even smell the woods and lakes that the searchers task themselves with.  A good podcast for a short drive, or waiting for an appointment but not for your children’s after school soccer game.  The worry is too much.

Dylan Freethy

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