Ground Zero Media warns us: The Robots are Coming


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Podcast Rating: okay

Who doesn’t love a good conspiracy theory, I know I do.  Chem trails. the grassy knoll, the fake mood landing are some of the classics.  The resurrection of X-Files made me think of those great stories from the 90’s which because of cell phone camera’s has made most of the good conspiracies go away.  So I decided to look at the podcast world to see what may.  What may was Ground Zero Media out of Portland Or. This radio show made podcast caught my eye with a subject I have been studying lately, the ever increasing automation of work.

Clyde Lewis creates an entertaining stream of clips, music, and streams of conscienceless around his radio shows.  The conspiracy for his future is the technocracy form of government and how us humans fit in to it.  The grain of truth from this conspiracy theory is that technology does eliminate jobs.  This is substantiated by history going back to the legend of dutch cobblers throwing their shoe molds called sabots into the leather cutting machinery, as their jobs were eliminated, hence the term saboteur.  Everyone has a relative or family friend who’s job was eliminated by automation. For my family it was the tree cutting machine called a Bear C6 that reduced the need for Fallers.   A job by the way, which paid 100,000 Canadian a year. This episode has Clyde reading news reports, studies from universities, and  personal stories to prove his theory.  Switzerland is even trying a guaranteed wage program to respond to job loss and help increase automation in the country.

I am not the biggest fan of radio programs repeated on Itunes as they don’t take advantage of the intimacy, fine tuning and continuity of a podcast. They tend to have good hosts but the station breaks, phone calls and other interruptions ruin the flow. Unfortunately for Ground Zero Media, the need to fill airtime ruined a great topic that could have benefited from the long form of an 1 hour podcast instead of a 3 hour radio show.  An okay podcast but I just can’t see giving over that amount of time unless your a long haul truck driver. Which by the way is going to be eliminated by autonomous vehicles.

Dylan F

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