NYtimes Science article states podcasts are good for the imagination

The NY times has printed an science article that all of us in the podcast world have known all along.  Benedict Carney writes about a paper published in the journal Nature on how subjects listening to the Moth podcast have multiple areas of their brain stimulated.  The researchers used an MRI machine to look at the brain while the subjects listened to the afore mentioned podcast.  Although the times article was a bit trite, the general thesis sticks, podcasts are good.

This article and study shows us two things.  One, that podcasts are good for the brain and two, that humans in most ways haven’t changed in 200,000 years. We are still sitting around the campfire listeing to stories that teach and entertain.  Only in 2016 the campfires are cellphones, macs and pcs.  I hope the next research session looks at the subject’s brains while listening to educational podcasts to see what lights up on the MRI.

Dylan F

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