The Citadel Podcast indulges in the second episode of Game of Thrones

download (1)Episode: The Madogs of Westeros

Category: TV and Movies

Podcast Rating: Great


The TV leviathan is back and I couldn’t be more happy.  I have started and stopped five different podcasts dealing with the show and have finally settled on one to listen to.  Last season was twisted and left us wondering what was next with Jon Snow’s death.  This is where a podcast can really help work through the many leads and dead ends.  The second episode brings us some positive moves for our characters as the first episode of season 6 dealt more death and leadership.

The hosts who are our analysts in this podcast are Spencer Aukerman and Laura Hudson.  The introspective thoughts of Spencer who is the Guardians newspaper national security editor and Laura, writer for Slate and Wired are experts at considering the characters actions.  There is new things happening in the Iron islands, Bran learns about his fathers past, Theon makes a bold choice, Aria advances and of course Jon Snow has a connection to Melisandre.

This is one of the many podcasts relating to Game of Thrones.  I think there is no real way to say one is better than the other.  It all depends on what one gets from the show.  I like the big picture politics of it, so this podcast works for me.  It helps unravel the plot and the hosts point out events in the show that I missed.  It is a short half hour, which is good while I wait to pick up my son from his Mcjob.

Dylan F





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