List of 100 Most Popular Podcasts

From the Stitcher Website Apr 18-Apr 24/2016

1This American Life
Society & Culture– 2Freakonomics Radio
Society & Culture– 3Radiolab
Science & Medicine+1 4Solomonster Sounds Off
Sports+79 5The Joe Rogan Experience
Comedy-2 6Marketplace All Stories
Business-1 7TED Radio Hour
Society & Culture-1 8NPR: News
News & Politics+3 9Planet Money
Business– 10Reuters: Top News
News & Politics+11 11USA TODAY Talking Tech
Technology-4 12Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!
Games & Hobbies– 13TIME’s Top Stories
News & Politics+6 14The Moth Podcast
Storytelling-1 15MSNBC Rachel Maddow (audio)
News & Politics-5 16Fresh Air
Society & Culture-1 17Stuff You Should Know
Education-3 18Serial
Society & Culture-10 19PRI’s The World
News & Politics+1 20WTF with Marc Maron Podcast
Comedy+7 2199% Invisible
Society & Culture+2 22PBS NewsHour
News & Politics-5 23Snap Judgment
Storytelling+2 24Real Time with Bill Maher
Comedy– 25NPR: Science
Science & Medicine-9 26The Tim Ferriss Show
Lifestyle & Health-4 27The Bill Simmons Podcast
Sports+1 28StarTalk Radio
Science & Medicine-10 29Hourly News Summary
News & Politics+2 30The Mark Levin Show Podcast
News & Politics– 31CBS Sports Fantasy Baseball Today Pod…
Sports+1 32Grey Knight Erotica
Lifestyle & Health+3 33Stuff You Missed in History Class
Society & Culture-4 34Ground Zero Media
Society & Culture– 35The Nerdist
Comedy-2 36Pulse of the Planet Podcast with Jim …
Science & Medicine+3 37Reply All
Technology– 38WRESTLING SOUP
Sports+13 39Global News
News & Politics-3 40Latest News from 89.3 KPCC
News & Politics+4 41Criminal
Society & Culture-15 42Sword and Scale
Society & Culture+1 43APM: Marketplace
News & Politics-1 44The Glenn Beck Program
News & Politics+1 45Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History
Society & Culture-7 46How To Do Everything
Lifestyle & Health+44 47Slate’s Political Gabfest
News & Politics+2 48Savage Lovecast
Lifestyle & Health-2 49Hidden Brain
Science & Medicine-2 50FT News
News & Politics+64 51The Alex Jones Show –
News & Politics+1 52Radio Show – Hugh Hewitt
News & Politics-2 53Fighter and The Kid
Sports+5 54Sasquatch Chronicles
Pop Culture, TV & Film+13 55Common Sense with Dan Carlin
News & Politics+34 56Stuff To Blow Your Mind
Science & Medicine– 57Note to Self
Society & Culture-4 58Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast
Sports-18 59The Dave Ramsey Show
Business– 60NPR Politics Podcast
News & Politics-19 61MAD MONEY W/ JIM CRAMER – Full Episode
Business+6 62Radio Show Archive – Dennis Prager
News & Politics-9 63The Church of What’s Happening Now: W…
Comedy+10 64Darkness Radio
Pop Culture, TV & Film-5 65Car Talk
Comedy-4 6660 Minutes
Society & Culture-4 67Undisclosed: The State Vs. Adnan Syed
Society & Culture+45 68Slack Variety Pack – Single Servings
Sports+3 702 Dope Queens
Comedy+6 71USA TODAY 5 Things
News & Politics-2 72RISK!
Storytelling+2 73Modern Love
Society & Culture-13 74Death, Sex & Money
Society & Culture+41 75Pop Culture Happy Hour
Pop Culture, TV & Film+4 76Quirks and Quarks Segmented Show from…
Science & Medicine-20 77Science Friday
Science & Medicine-9 78The Generation Why Podcast
Society & Culture+8 79Ask Me Another
Games & Hobbies+6 80Channel 33
Pop Culture, TV & Film+12 81Hollywood Babble-On
Pop Culture, TV & Film+98 82MSNBC Morning Joe (audio)
News & Politics+1 83Handel on the Law on Demand
Lifestyle & Health+10 84StartUp Podcast
Business+14 85FOX News Radio
News & Politics+15 86Embedded
News & Politics-2 87Song Exploder
Music & Commentary+201 88Welcome to Night Vale
Pop Culture, TV & Film-23 89NBC Nightly News (audio)
News & Politics+2 90Happier with Gretchen Rubin
Lifestyle & Health-26 91Food : NPR
Lifestyle & Health+248 92On the Media
Society & Culture-14 93Love + Radio
Lifestyle & Health+98 94How Did This Get Made?
Comedy-13 95Lost in the Supermarket
Lifestyle & Health– 96Reveal
News & Politics-9 97The Armstrong and Getty Show
News & Politics+11 98Ring Rust Radio
Sports+1 99The Pulse
Science & Medicine-28 100The Nutrition Diva’s Quick and Dirty …
Lifestyle & Health+131