Rating Guide

Hi there, if you are here then you must want to know what rationale I use to rate the podcasts I listen too.  Of course not everyone will agree and I am open to disagreements, who knows I might even change my mind.  I use a five emoticon scale of happy or miserable pea pods.  This is based on how I feel about the podcast I just listened to.  However like movies sometimes a podcast fades (Independence Day) and sometimes they become cult classics (Blade Runner).

Great 2  Great:  I thoroughly enjoyed the podcast.   Hits on all notes.  I laughed, I learned, I contemplated and most importantly I remembered it.  It has made an impact in my psyche.

Great Good:  I liked this podcast.  This podcast is good for driving, playing a video game or doing work.  You don’t have to pay too much attention and when you do it’s entertaining or informative but probably not both.

okay Okay:  This podcast is neutral.  Usually boring  from podcasters who are generally good but have an off day, uninspired guest or uninteresting topic.  Might listen for information but turn off after I get what I want.


Dud:  Just a poor showing.  Usually from podcasters who don’t know how to present, interview or just plain green.  Give this podcast a miss but don’t write of the show completely because not everyone can be Serial the first time out.


Terrible:  An awful, awful podcast.  This podcast was probably done with the intention to annoy or to troll.  I have never encountered one that earned this emoticon but then I have never looked that hard.  Lets hope we can keep this emoticon from ever showing up on this website.